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More bookings from your own website means less commision to 3rd party agents

The foundation of your marketing is a great website. Your website needs to impress your visitors right off the bat. If your website sucks they will bounce to the next site. 

Our mission is to make sure your website impresses your visitors enough to get them to make a booking. 

Mobile phone with modern website

Build trust with Reviews

People will look up your reviews. Why not show the best reviews on your website. 

Integrate and embed reviews from all the major platforms such as Trip Advisor, and much more. 

If you have any badges such as awards or star ratings we can show those off also. 

Turn visitors to bookings

There is no point if you have an amazing website but nobody books. 

Your design should have bold ‘Booking’ buttons strategically placed throughout your website.

You should have booking buttons in your menu, on your main page as well as your footer.  

Transform your website, grow your business

Starting your new website design is easy. Book a short call with us.


Just a few awesome guest houses and tour operators on the LocalBizOnline platform

Santa Lucia Guesthouse

Santa Lucia Guest House had a website that was built over 5 years ago. This was a major problem because it did not work correctly on mobile phones and looked very outdated. 

A new website was developed from scratch incorporating new photos. These changes have helped them get more of their bookings from their website rather than 3rd party booking agents. 

Guest House Multi screen website 3

Diplomatic Tours

Selling tours to the international market means that your website is everything. You either makes sales or loose sales based on your website. 

We worked with Diplomatic tours to build out website that represented the many different packages they offer. The challange was to keep the website simple and easy to navigate. The end result is a modern website that has all the right elements that Diplomatic Tours can use to promote themselves worldwide. 

Guest House Multi screen website 2

igwalagwala Guesthouse

iGwala Gwala is a guest house in St Lucia where the competition is high. They had a website that was not user friendly. Together we helped them design a fresh new site that spoke to their own mantra “Relax, Enjoy, Repeat”. 

Not only have bookings have increased but they have had more upsells of their activity packages from the new activity page on the website. 

Guest House Multi screen website 1

Dumukwa Safaris

Dumukwa Safaris targets primarily the international market, for this reason a website is even more important. International guests do not know the area and rely on the website to build enough trust to get them to make a booking.  

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No hidden costs - we charge a simple flat rate of R1500 a day.

The majority of our projects come in between R5,000 and R10,000.

*Find out exactly how much a brand new website will cost and all the features you will get.

Included in all plans

Sales Focused Design

We are obsessed with results first. Your website should get people to request quotes and book appointments. This is our mission.

Perfectly designed for mobile & tablet

More people use their phones than computers to browse the internet. If you website is not great on mobile you are loosing business.

Track conversions

The only way to know how well your advertising campaign or Google AdWords is working is to track the conversions. We will setup tracking so you can see exactly what works and what does not.

Easy to customise

The ContractorUp platform is powerful enough to easily customise almost anything.

Communicate with your leads automatically

When your leads fill in a quote request or contact form send them a personalized message via email automatically.

Link & Display Social Media

If you have Facebook, Linkedin or any other social media accounts link them on your website or even display a live feed.

Hosting & Website monitoring 24/7

Never worry about your website ever again. We host on the best servers and monitor 24/7

Free additions & changes

Want to add a new service? Have new pictures? Please send them to us anytime. We will format and place them into your website.

Rank on your business on Google

We follow the best practices for ranking on Google search. We also offer a digital footprint plan to get your brand a solid foundation online.

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