Email Marketing

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just simply get someone to visit your website and, “ta-da”- they’re a customer!
They’re 100% convinced that your product is the answer, and they quickly call you.

In a perfect world, I guess.

But the truth of the matter is, most of your visitors are not ready to buy your products or services. In fact, research estimates that over 90% of your traffic is not ready to buy.

Think back to when you visited a website for the first time. Were you immediately ready to make a purchase? It’s likely that you were not. In fact, most first time website visitors are not ready to use your service or product.

So, what are most of your website visitors doing on your site anyway?

They are researching, they are considering if they need your service or not, they are looking to see who they want to use to provide the service.

This is where email marketing comes in.

Once a visitor requests a quote or downloads any resources from your website you should immediately follow up with them with a series of emails. This is your chance to convince them that your business is the right choice!

Keep your business top of mind with Email Marketing

  • Answer the common questions they have
  • Build trust in your brand
  • Show off your portfolio of past projects
  • Promote special offers

Is Email marketing for everyone?

The short answer, no.

Not all businesses will benefit from email marketing. 

If you offer emergency services as the core of your business such as a 24/7 plumber then email marketing is not going to help you. 

So who does it really help make more sales?

If your business offers services and products that cost more than R2000 – R5000 then you can bet the visitors are going to do more research before choosing a service provider. This is where email marketing shines. Help the visitor do the research by sending them information about your service and free advice. This will build trust and keep you on the top of their list. 

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