Google is the 500kg Gorilla that guards entry to the most popular club in the world – ‘THE FIRST PAGE CLUB’

You want into the first page club?

The secret is to earn the Google Gorilla’s trust. Prove to it Google that you are super popular and trustworthy.

Follow these 5 tactics and you will be well on your way to earning the trust of the king of the online jungle…

Step 1 – A properly formatted website

**If you have had a website designed by us you can skip this section because we will have made sure you website ticks all the boxes**

Your website is analyzed by Google and it better ticks all the boxes if you want any hope of moving up the rankings.

Having a website that is not technically formatted correctly is telling Google “I cannot be trusted!”…

These are a few things to check to see if your website is technically going to pass the Google test.

(WARNING this is a bit technical)

  • Is your website mobile friendly? (90% chance if your website was built before 2013 it is NOT). Google has said publicly it will penalize websites that are not mobile friendly.
  • Have you set your website title, page titles and HTML tags with the keywords you want to rank for?  **If you don’t know you can ask us to check for you **
  • Is your website hosted on a super fast server? Google has also said they will reward you if your website is super fast.

There are like 100 other things to check but I don’t want to bore you so let’s move on…

PRO TIP: Google can only rank you for the keywords you put on the website so carefully format the headings and page titles for your primary search terms and business name.

Step 2 – Links and Directories: List your website everywhere

Ok, let’s assume you have a killer website so Google is willing to look at you more closely.

The next step is to prove you are a real business.

Google cannot see your bank account or your building, Google only knows what is ‘online’

So the first step to prove to Google you are a legitimate and popular business is to make sure you are listed on the top online directories.

If possible also try to get your website linked on any trade associations or other relevant sites.

  • Find online directories that your website is listed on (Yellow Pages, Brabys, Yellowsa etc…) and then edit the details to include your website address.
  • Try to get other websites to link to you. Are you a part of any organizations or a dealer for any products? Make sure they put a link to your website.

Again this is just scratching the surface but the point is:

Make sure your website and business are listed on as many different sites as possible. Social media profiles & directories are a great start.

PRO TIP: Make sure your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) are all the same everywhere online, Google LOVES consistency!!

Step 3 – Claim your ‘Google My Business’ account

Do you have a Google my business listing?

Click on Google Maps and search your business name. If your business name does not come up then it is very important that you submit your business to Google to create a ‘my business’ profile.

If it is listed but the details are wrong then be sure to ‘claim’ the listing and make the changes. Google Trusts businesses that have Google my business accounts (It’s free so make sure you have one).

This is the most important step you can take if your business is not listed with Google. DO THIS NOW!

PRO TIP: Once you have claimed your listing be sure to add pictures, ask for reviews, add content. The more the better.

Step 4 – Create Social Media Accounts

Like I said in the beginning of this post, Google wants to see that you are popular! The more you make a buzz and post content online in your business name the more Google will trust you.

Make sure you have a business page account on all the major social media platforms! (Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and anywhere else that you think works for your business)

List your business details and your website address on all the accounts with a consistent format.

Once that is done be sure to post to your social accounts as often as possible. P.S Don’t forget to occasionally put a link to your website in your posts!

Here are some tips on what kind of content to post:

  • New projects (be sure to include pictures)
  • Customer testimonials
  • Any interesting news
  • Even interesting books you are reading or business advice you have

PRO TIP: If you have technical chops then use a software called IFTTT to automate your posts to spread to all you accounts automatically. **Talk to us about setting this up for you**

Step 5. Get people visit your website

If Google sees that people are visiting and searching for your website it will trust you more.

Tell people about the site, friends, family, clients. Put your website on your email signature under your name. Add it to any new signage, business cards, on your company vehicles etc…

Another way to get traffic is to promote your services & products on Gumtree and other free platforms, remember to include your website link.

PRO TIP: Connect Google Analytics to track how many people visit your website and where they are coming from. This will help you understand what traffic generation methods work.

WELL DONE – You and the Google Gorilla should now be good friends

If you manage to get through all of that you will be streaks ahead of most your competition and given enough time you should crack that first page spot for your main keyword and business name.

The good news is that all this work does more than help you rank on Google. If you do everything outlined here you will also be naturally getting your brand out to more people and increasing your sales.

So get out there and build your digital footprint. The world is moving more online every day so take advantage now!



P.S – If you are super busy and need somebody to help do this for you get in touch. We have a monthly plan to build your digital footprint for you. To find out more:

Drop us an email:

Or call us: 078 796 9161

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