Getting leads into your business is just a matter of advertising. Converting those leads into customers is what matters. This is how to do it…

4 Steps to convert leads to customers:

  • Don’t let them wait
  • Always follow up
  • Meet them in person
  • Show them proof

Generating leads and quote requests the role of advertising and marketing.

If you have a good website design and you are running Google AdWords you should be getting people requesting quotes or at least people downloading your lead magnet.  

But now what? That does not make them a customer, that just means they are in the market for your product. Now its time to make sure you are the company they choose to use!

Here are 4 steps to dramatically increase your chance of closing more sales:

Step 1 – Don’t let them wait

This is the most critical step. If you follow up with them within 5 minutes you will impress them.

First impressions last! A fast, friendly follow up indicates that you are trustworthy and reliable.

The first person to form a relationship with the potential customer has a higher chance of winning the sale.

  • Call the lead as soon as you get a quote request from your website
  • If they download a price list (or any other lead magnet from your website) send them a follow email as soon as possible.

Step 2 – Always follow up

I cannot stress this enough you NEED to follow up. You will get close more deals if you follow up.

Once you have made contact or even done a formal quote you need to continue to follow up with the potential customer.

If you have their phone number then call them. If they are busy call them back later, but you must call them.

You don’t have to be salesy or pushy, just call to say hello and check if they have any questions.

If you only have their email address then send them a few emails, don’t worry if they do not respond right away. Statistically, most people only respond on the 2nd – 4th email so keep sending.

Step 3 – Meet in person

People do business with people… not companies.

If you meet the potential customer in person they will naturally trust you more and you have a chance to close the sale right then and there.

Step 4 – Show them proof

Remember when a potential customer reaches out for a quote they often do not know you. Your job is to get them to trust you and your product.

The best way to show them that you can be trusted to do the job is to have examples.

The easiest way to do this is to keep a current Facebook page going.

Everytime you complete project or make a big sale post photos and write about it on your Facebook business page.

Send the potential customer an email with a link to your Facebook page to browse through and see your work.

If you do not have a Facebook page that is up to date then at least email them photos and examples of your work or products.

If you have a website with us then we encourage you to send us photos regularly and information about your sucessful case studies. We will put this on your website for free of charge.

That’s it, well done for getting this far

If you follow these 4 steps I can assure you that you WILL close more deals.

Take the extra money and celebrate…


If you want to take it to the next level here are some PRO TIPS:

Email automation

Email automation is the most underused tactic to turn your leads into customers. A well-written email sequence that drips out to your potential customers keeps you top of mind and builds trust in your business.

Statistically, most people who request quotes and visit your website are still researching and are not ready to buy right away. Having an email sequence that runs over weeks or even months is the perfect way to automatically keep in touch with them and continue to build trust.

Remarketing on Google & Facebook

Have you ever visited a website, for example, Takealot, and then suddenly you see that website on Facebook and also advertising on other websites that you visit?

This is call remarketing.

Basically, once somebody has visited your website you can show adverts for your service or product to only them.

So after they visit your website you can advertise to them on Facebook and Google for a very little cost!

This is a super trick that will push you ahead of your competition and help you close more sales.

(You can talk to us about how to set this up, give us a call or drop an email to

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